What is Transformational Coaching?

The kind of coaching Jennifer does is not the same as life coaching because she does not view the obstacles that you may have previously encountered as a problem. Her approach is to help you understand those ‘patterns’ and see how they have served you up until this point. Once you have a better insight into your own views and behaviors, she helps you allow those old patterns to shift and transform in ways that will advance your goals, whether those are personal or in business. When these shifts occur, the results are immediate and transformational --- thus she calls it transformational coaching. The whole process is more person-centered and internal, a deeply personal journey.

Jennifer occasionally works with couples, but her approach is to deal with each partner one-on-one as a major part of the process. With couples, it can be delicate because a great deal of sensitivity is required to maintain the balance of the couple, while they are undergoing internal shifts as both a couple and as individuals.

Transformational Coaching for Business

The Transformational Coaching process for business can have amazing results, particularly to the bottom line. Business owners, entrepreneurs and creative people who undergo transformational coaching find that it brings a new dimension to their businesses, very often taking them from being semi-successful to being mega-successful. Clients appreciate not having to struggle with the same issues every day and instead, they can be much more joyful, productive and creative when at work.

They find that having a personal purpose and journey alongside their business creates amazing advancements in both their own personal lives and their business outcomes. In essence, this kind of coaching changes the landscape not only of their business, but also their day-to-day lives.